Get paid $750 of the payment whenever someone in your family, friend group, work circle, neighbor, or even when a Facebook or Instagram follower buys a golf cart from us that you referred over.

And why not refer as many as you can?

I mean… the more you send our way is only gonna make you more money anyways.

Amiright?  (Umm, is Big Foot’s butt hairy? Of course I’m right.)

Picture this:

Even one a week means an extra $3,000 – $4,000 per month – and that’s on top of what you’re earning at your main gig.

Dude!  That’s a mortgage payment on a really nice house!

Total no-brainer.  An easy way to add yet another source of income – that requires (basically) zero additional effort on your part.

What’s more:

You’ll be part of an exclusive club – since no one who isn’t a GOAT Ambassador of ours can promote our epic golf carts and earn this much… even though many ask!

We’re known for pampering our high-end ambassadors with unexpected gifts, too: MacBook Pros, flat-screen TVs, weekend getaways, you name it.

How awesome is that?

To make sure you’re serious, we do require a little skin in the game.

We want you to take it serious and we want to work with you to make as much moola as possible.

We require a commitment fee of $500.

After you sign up as a partner with us we’ll send you some copy/paste online resources that you can post online.

We’ll also send you a package in the mail that has referal cards, brochures, and some swag to rep the brand.

If this sounds like something you think you’re a perfect fit for and you wanna get this party started, click here.