Incoming Inventory

Now, look:

I’m not gonna pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining.


You’re smart.

Our carts sell quick.

When you see one you like that’s arriving in our next shipment?

Slap a 50% deposit down.

You’ll save up to $1,500 from our listing price once it goes on our showroom floor and website.

We’ll hold it for you.

But you’ll want to act quick.

Cuz, Billy Buyer is browsin’ our new inventory too.

I heard he’s an action taker.

Don’t let him get his grubby little hands on the one you like, first.

View our incoming inventory for our 2024 MammothEV XR models here:

– Steve

PS, We prep all pre-orders first from our shipments so that you get it right away. Final payment is due prior to delivery of the cart.

PPS, If you see a cart you love on the list above just send us an email at