Lithium Golf Cart Batteries 48volt or 72volt

Lithium golf cart batteries are quickly becoming the industry standard in battery power. But while lithium is great, lithium isn’t one-size-fits-all –it comes in many forms and evokes many musings! What’s the difference between a 48 volt lithium battery and 72 volt lithium golf cart battery?

While both offer excellent performance and unbeatable reliability, the 72 volt lithium golf cart batteries pack almost twice as much oomph as their lower voltage counterparts. In short, if you’re looking for extra distance the 72 volts are definitely your best bet! All of our golf carts at GOAT Golf Carts are powered by a 72 volt lithium battery.

Golf carts are known for their reliability and convenience, but if you’ve ever shopped for lithium batteries before, you may have seen two types of lithium golf cart batteries: 48 volt and 72 volt. But what’s the difference between these two sizes? Well, it all boils down to your needs!

A 48 volt lithium battery is typically suited for small golf carts with a low daily usage time, while the more powerful 72 volt lithium golf cart battery can handle larger sized carts used frequently. Both offer exceptional performance, but one can’t go wrong by matching the voltage of your golf cart’s battery to your intended power use. A street legal golf cart that can go 25mph or more are a perfect fit for a 72 volt lithium battery.

The debate between lithium golf cart batteries and lead acid batteries has been raging for years, but the advantages of lithium are hard to deny. When it comes down to lithium golf cart batteries, there is a clear difference between 48 volt lithium batteries and 72 volt lithium golf cart batteries.

While both are valuable parts of your electric vehicle system, the 72 volt lithium pack provides more power and run-time than its 48 volt counterpart. Not only that, they offer superior performance than traditional lead acid batteries – they last longer, have higher discharge rates, and are lighter in weight. It’s no wonder these lithium cells have become such a favorite among golfers everywhere!

Lithium golf cart batteries in MammothEV Golf Carts provide a great alternative to lead acid batteries, and they can be both 48 volts and 72 volts. While they seem like different beasts at first, lithium batteries share many of the same benefits.

For starters, lithium is much lighter than lead acid, so you’ll really feel the difference if you’re carrying them around or transporting them in a vehicle. You also get more capacity out of lithium batteries, with longer shelf life and faster charging times. So, if you haven’t switched over to lithium yet, try switching your next set of golf cart batteries over to lithium – you might just have to “charge” your buddies for sharing this efficiency secret!