What is an LSV street legal golf cart? | Goat Golf Carts

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a golf cart and Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), here’s your answer. A golf cart is designed for the great outdoors, to be used on a golf course or in other places like gated communities and recreational areas. On the other hand, Low-Speed Vehicles and NEVs have some features that make them more suited for public roads compared to a classic golf cart, like turn signals, headlights, brake lights, windshields, speedometers and even seatbelts. So if you want to cruise around your town in style but still in an eco-friendly way, certainly check out street legal Low-Speed Vehicle Golf Carts!

With golf carts becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation, you may have heard the terms Low-Speed Vehicle Golf Cart (LSV) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) being thrown around. While it sounds like LSVs and NEVs are similar to ordinary golf carts, there’s actually quite a difference between the two. An LSV or NEV is similar in design to an ordinary golf cart – except that it is street legal. This means it can be operated on the road, so long as its speed stays within the maximum limit of 25mph. MammothEV golf carts are powered by  72 volt lithium battery so it has plenty of power to get to the speed limit. So next time you’re in the market for a Low-Speed Vehicle Golf Cart or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, just remember: they’re basically ordinary golf carts with a street-friendly twist!

A Low-Speed Vehicle Golf Cart – or NEV / LSV – is a type of street legal golf cart. Essentially, it’s an upgrade to the typical golf cart you would find on the green! A NEV / LSV has bigger tires, a safer frame and stability check, more durable brakes, and other features that can make it a safe mode of transport for those keen for a quick journey around town. Plus, a NEV / LSV may come with some fancy extras like headlights, turn signals and seat belts (yes – seat belts!) which you’d be hard-pressed to find on your regular golf cart. So if you want to look fetching while driving in style and comfort (and safety!), then a Low-Speed Vehicle Golf Cart might just be the perfect ride for you!

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